Your Journey Starts Here


Malpensa Fiere
Busto Arsizio, Milano, Italy


Placements: Feb 9-March 11
Finals: April 6th, 2024


Individuals, Buddys and Triplets (All levels)

Welcome to the 2024 Milano Throwdown HYBRID Edition

The placement workout is part of the finals.  You buy a ticket = ALL INCLUSIVE = 100% Finals.

HYBRID stands for an ALL-IN-ONE competition. Whether you like to join as an individual, with a buddy or even as a triplet formation, it’s all possible.

How to proceed


You have just registered for the placement test and your guaranteed ticket to the final.

What, straight to the final?

You read it right, 1 amount, all inclusive. ANYONE who registers will go to the finals.

*If you are a minor, get permission from your parents or legal guardian and your coach first. With permission, your parents or legal guardian will have to sign the waiver. You as a minor may NOT do this. ATTENTION: Minor athletes can only participate in the SCALED and REGULAR divisions.

What can't you do now?

You can’t decided your division (scaled, regular, advanced or RX). We will do that for you based on your results and place on the overall leaderboard after you have done the placement workouts.

What is a placement workout?

The placement workout consists of 1 test with 4 levels of increasing difficulty. Everyone starts with a basic test that becomes progressively more difficult until you, as an athlete or team, can go no further. If you fail a level, that will be your final score and you will NOT be allowed to continue with the next level.